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Mar 26, 2018

Ask Me Anything Sexual Abuse Recovery - Start living the life that you were intended before it was taken away from you. Kicking Abuse in the Ass memoir now Available on Amazon.

Jun 26, 2017

Hi, My name is Ayoola. I was molested by my cousin as a child, which has caused emotional damage in my life. I am unable to say anything, as the person that molested me is related to me. AMA!

Ask me anything about sexual abuse and recovery

Jun 19, 2018

Workplace Bullying Expert Deb Falzoi believes the secret to ending sexual harassment at work is making workplace bullying illegal. Ask Me Anything.

A Voice of Hope for Sexual Abuse Survivors. Ask Me Anything about overcoming sexual abuse

Living under Islamic law in Iran: Leila’s story, ask me anything

Apr 27, 2018

I am the co-founder of ROAR for Good, a wearable safety tech company with a mission to reduce assaults, cultivate male allyship, and empower women. AMA.

Hello, I am Unnati. I Write Short Stories And Poems, Mostly About Sexual Abuse And Other Vulnerable Activities. I Have Been Blogging Since Past 2 Years, Soon Will Convert My Blog Into A Website. #AMA

AMA's New York and New Jersey Labor and Employment Partner, Alex Umansky, at the Law Offices of Yuriy Moshes; Focusing on Employment and Workplace Race, Gender, Disability, Sexual Orientation, National Origin, Criminal Background Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Wage and Overtime Violations.

My name is Darren Smith, Father, Husband, Survivor of childhood sexual abuse & PTSD, and Author of Heart of a Lion: My Journey with Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Faith & Courage. AMA

Ask Me Anything about Why the Next Step for the #MeToo Movement is Teaching Men How to Respect Women at Work.

May 22, 2018

Standing up for women's rights, the great challenge. From the founder of Project Monma, ask me anything.

Declare, I AM MORE!® Survivor of Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault | Author | Speaker | Criminal Justice and Criminology Expert - ASK ME ANYTHING!

Nov 16, 2017

AMA on Creative writing and on Cinder-ella, my Political thriller set in Bengaluru's Crime Underbelly, dedicated to sexual assault victim Nirbhaya.

Support our fight against child sexual abuse #Maun #Breakthesilence Ask Me Anything

Aug 12, 2018

Accepting the unforgettable to live happier. AMA

Jul 20, 2018

Surviving sexual assault in Iran: The true bravery of two sisters, ask me anything!

May 25, 2018

Young, Dumb and in love... Ask Me Anything about my personal experience of being a victim.

Hi, I’m Michelle Lynn Back, an author, personal trainer, and nutritionist. I write books for those who have dealt with trauma and live with the mental disabilities they cause. In my AMA I will be answering questions concerning the new Cursed Trilogy of books that deal with true stories regarding the cause, effects, and treatment of mental illness caused by mental, physical or sexual abuse. Do you or a loved one have questions regarding anxiety, negative thought patterns or fear that interfere with daily life? Please join our conversation to learn and help others.

Patrick C. Notchtree: author of “The Clouds Still Hang”, telling my true life story, early sexualisation, rape survivor and how though gay, I found a true and deep love that saved me. So Ask Me Anything

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